Condition Book

    Thoroughbred Season
    August 25 - December 17

    Condition Book #4
    November 10 to November 30

    Condition Book #5
    December 1 to December 17


    2017 Entry Schedule
    Enter on Tuesday for Friday Races   
    Enter on Wednesday for Saturday Races   
    Enter on Friday for Wednesday Races  
    Enter on Saturday for Thursday Races  
    Entries will close promptly at 10:30 with no exceptions • No Jockey Agent entries will be accepted after 10am

    The Racing Secretary reserves the right to hold open any race that has not overfilles to a time to be determined.

    Telephone entries are at the Owners and/or Trainers risk. The responsibility of misplaced entries will be placed solely on the person making said entry via telephone.
    The Racing Office will be CLOSED every Sunday and Monday
    except when racing on Sunday or Monday
    Post Times
    Wednesday-Saturday 7pm
    Monday & Tuesday, November 20-21 3pm
    Friday, November 24 3pm
    Monday & Tuesday, December 11 & 12 3pm
    Sunday, December 17 3pm  


    To request a condition book ...  Click Here
    Remington Park Racing Department: 405-425-3271