Remington Park Racing Club

Remington Park is now accepting memberships for the 2019 Remington Park Racing Club. This year’s club horse will compete during the Thoroughbred Season.

The Remington Park Racing Club offers those interested in racehorse ownership a chance to take the important first steps in a seasonal partnership for an extremely reasonable, one-time fee. The cost of a single membership into the 2019 RP Racing Club is $250. Memberships can be purchased online at by clicking on the RP Racing Club logo.

The Remington Park Racing Club offers individuals who have thought about owning their own Thoroughbred racehorse, an opportunity to do so on a limited basis, while learning about the sport. The RP Racing Club will allow its members to learn about the process with an affordable and fun experience while not assuming the total responsibility, liability and expenses of having sole ownership of a horse.

The RP Racing Club has put together a format that is low cost, with low risk, giving members a glimpse into the life of racehorse ownership. The 2019 RP Club horse will be purchased and managed by all-time Remington Park leading owner Danny Caldwell, winner of 10 seasonal leading owner titles. The RP Club horse will be conditioned by Federico Villafranco, the primary trainer for Caldwell’s horses.

Members of the RP Racing Club will receive access to Remington Park, in a group setting, to include: visiting the track in the mornings to watch your horse during training hours; experience pre-race moments in the saddling paddock; and hopefully enjoy the thrill of victory and stand in the winner’s circle for a photograph with your triumphant horse!

Kelly O’Hara serves as the coordinator of the RP Racing Club and can be reached for more information via email at

Membership For the RP Racing Club

  • $250 one time membership fee
  • No additional expenses
  • Horse will be purchased and managed by Danny Caldwell
  • Receive detailed monthly statements regarding costs for the horse, and depicting money earned from racing.
  • Club Members will receive regular updates about their horse and the RP Racing Club via email and social media platforms.

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Benefits to the RP Racing Club

  • Behind the scenes access included with racehorse ownership.
  • Visits to the barn area to watch your horse train.
  • Access to the saddling paddock for the Club horse's race.
  • Special Club events include a private reception for members on race day.
  • Free race program on race day.

Not For Profit Social Club

  • The RP Racing Club is organized as a 501-C7 not for Profit Social Club
  • By joining the RP Racing Club you agree to the membership agreement
  • The RP Racing Club is structured as educational association, members should not join the Club with any profit motive or expectation of profit.
  • Members may receive some (or all) of their $250 membership fee back after the 2019 Remington Park Thoroughbred Season, depending on the success of the Club horse. Should a profit be made, the maximum total members may receive would be $250.
  • Should a profit be made, any monies exceeding $250 per member will go to Remington Park Charities.

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