Summer Continuity Giveaway

The popular Remington Park Continuity Giveaway returns starting on July 1 with the Life’s A Beach collection, yours to earn with carded Casino play.

Beginning July 1, always play in the Remington Park Casino using your Club Remington Card. Earn 100 points in carded play each week by Saturday and you’ll pick up merchandise to use for the summer.

The Life’s A Beach continuity giveaway runs for six weeks with the following awards for guests earning 100 points in Club Remington Card play each Saturday:
– 1st Saturday: Floatie and Tote Bag
– 2nd Saturday: Flip Flops and Sunglasses
– 3rd Saturday: Beach Umbrella
– 4th Saturday: Beach Chair
– 5th Saturday: Cooler
– 6th Saturday: Beach Towel

Visit Club Remington for complete details on the Life’s A Beach continuity giveaway and always use your Club Remington Card when you play in the Remington Park Casino.

Admission, parking and valet parking are always Free at Remington Park, where the Casino is always open for jackpot play.