24 August 2019
6:00 PM

The Opening Saturday of the 2019 Thoroughbred Season is the first opportunity for guests to win more during the races as Win, Place, Show Me the Money returns to Remington Park.

Beginning at 6pm on Saturday, Aug. 24, guests can enter the free game in the racing lobby. Simply select one horse in all of the contest races of the night and as long as your pick finishes first, second or third (win, place or show) in its race, you move on in the contest. If all of your selections win, place or show, then Remington Park will show you the money. You could win or share in the $2,500 jackpot.

Entry cards for Win, Place, Show Me the Money must be submitted prior to the beginning of race three on Saturday, Aug. 24. The first race of the night is at 7pm.

Guests can earn consolation money depending on how far they advance into the game. The consolation money is only in play if there are no Jackpot winners.

Win, Place, Show Me the Money contest cards must be entered prior to the start of race three on Saturday, Aug. 24 in order to be eligible. Guests must be 18 or older to play Win, Place, Show Me the Money, to wager on horse racing, or to enter the casino floor. See Club Remington for complete details.

Admission, parking and valet parking are always Free at Remington Park.


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August 24
6:00 PM

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