Breeders, Owners, Horses, Trainers and Jockeys comprise the bulk of membership in the Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame at Remington Park. Other inductees come from businesses associated with horse racing, including those involved with the selling of horses and those in the media that help bring the sport to the masses. The Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame at Remington Park honors those people and places who have been involved in the success of horse racing in Oklahoma.

Thoroughbred Inductees

Chris Lincoln
Year Inducted: 2017
Chris Lincoln has covered sports since the 1960s, writing for newspapers or broadcasting sports.
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David Vance
Year Inducted: 2012
The first leader of Remington Park, the contributions made by David Vance were lengthy.
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Quarter Horse Inductees

Butch Wise
Year Inducted: 2018
Butch Wise has made a career of finding talented fast horses and connecting them with owners.
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Heritage Place
Year Inducted: 2012
Heritage Place holds many distinctions in the world of horse racing and is the first property to be inducted.
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