In celebration of National Dog Day 2019, Remington Park once again transforms to ‘Remington Bark’ on Saturday, Aug. 24. This very special event combines Thoroughbred horse racing, with dog festivities and racing exhibitions for some speedy canines.

Remington Bark honors “Man’s Best Friend” and helps raise awareness and funds for many dog-related charities and dog rescue operations in central Oklahoma.

Remington Bark begins at 6pm with all guests wanting to bring their dogs to the event, allowed access to the Plaza where the activities are staged. All dogs must be on a leash and on their best behavior. Thoroughbred horse racing will begin at 7pm.

There will be many local dog rescue charities in attendance with information on their programs and adoption opportunities. Various vendors and groomers will also be on-hand for ‘Remington Bark’ with dog friendly goods available for purchase and plenty of helpful information.

Wag Bag Giveaway

Open to all dogs, the first 100 dogs to arrive, starting at 6pm, will receive a special “Wag Bag” filled with goodies. There will be only one (1) ‘‘Wag Bag” per dog family, while supplies last and the dog must be present in order to receive the “Wag Bag.”

Remington Bark Activities

Among the Remington Bark activities will be Costume Contests and exhibition Dog Races. The dog races will feature three size classes in order to make things as competitive and fair as possible: Small, Medium and Large. This year, for the first time, each exhibition dog race will utilize the actual Remington Park starting gate used for the horse races.

A special raffle will also take place on Remington Bark Night, featuring great prizes for your dog. Again, all proceeds from the raffle will benefit Ground Zero K9.

Other Dog amenities include: Agility Course for dogs to run for free; Cooling Stations; Drink Stations; Picture Stations and Designated Dog Potty Areas.

Ground Zero K9

Ground Zero Emergency Training Center is a Non-Profit Organization in Oklahoma.

Specializing in enhancing America’s emergency response capabilities to natural and man made disasters by providing local, state and federal First Responders with educational opportunities, exceptionally trained urban search and rescue canines, and providing First Responders with a state of the industry facility in which to hone their technical skills.

Remington Bark 2019 Event Application

Remington Bark is a marketing promotion based on National Dog Day celebrations. Remington Park partners with various canine rescues as part of the promotional event.

Applications are now open for canine rescues to partner with Remington Park for the promotional event.

Remington Bark Event Application

The application deadline will be June 25 at 5pm (central).

The application is for consideration to the first ten (10) applying and does not constitute any guarantee the canine rescue will be chosen.

Remington Bark
Exhibition Dog Races

The dog races will feature three size classes in order to make things as competitive and fair as possible: Small, Medium and Large.

Those wishing to allow their dogs to compete in the exhibition races must register in advance and note the complete set of rules and deadlines to be eligible to compete in the dog racing exhibitions.

Dog Race registration is $25 per dog and will be available online beginning July 1. Registration is open to the first 40 dogs.

All registration fees will benefit Ground Zero K9 Emergency Training Center.