Remington Park reaches thousands of guests every day of the year, both on property in the casino and during live racing seasons, and through the televising of our racing product, presenting a perfect opportunity to expand your business.

Through the years a multitude of businesses have taken advantage of advertising at Remington Park. Automobile dealerships, major beer brands, farm equipment dealerships, insurance companies, restaurants, hotels, horse stallion farms, energy companies, horse sales companies and more have utilized Remington Park to advertise their business ventures. They have done so successfully and affordably.

Stationary billboard signage, electronic signage, television commercials and website banners are just a few of the strategies that can be put into action to increase business for our clients.

Contact our sponsorship sales manager, Alexis Ziegler, for more information on how a Remington Park advertising package can make sense for your business.


Alexis Zeigler
Sponsorship Sales Manager

(405) 424-1000 Ext. 4423

Alexis is originally from Kansas City but considers herself an Oklahoman after more than a decade in OKC. She believes whether helping a local neighbor get their business on our 50ft Coors Light Superscreen or working with a national brand, sponsorship sales is just one great way we help our community. She is also the Remington Park Charity Program coordinator, pairing our philanthropic team members with some amazing charitable opportunities and coming up with fundraising ideas and events throughout the year.

“When I’m not having dance parties to Simon & Garfunkel with my toddler and dogs, I am making new friends (clients).”

Get your message in front of an audience primed for excitement. With Remington Park’s Print Media Opportunities, you’re not just reaching racing fans, you’re reaching horse lovers, wedding planners, families and everyone who loves to win.

Imagine your brand in front of an annual crowd of more than 2,000,000 people from every kind of background. Remington Park’s sponsorship opportunities are sure to enhance your brand’s recognition. Your message isn’t just seen by Remington Park guests, it’s seen at Off Track Betting sites throughout Oklahoma and around the world, reaching everyone from singles to 20-somethings to families and seniors.

Remington Park’s Paddock is where horses are saddled and paraded before each race. The inviting garden atmosphere is filled with great opportunities for brand exposure. Patrons gather in the Paddock to view the horses before each race, making signage visible to the immediate public as well as those watching from inside.

Placing an ad on our website provides an easy way for visitors to link directly to your site and learn more about whatever you want them to know, increasing your traffic and exposure.

Sponsor name is mentioned after every race as the winning horse steps into the “Sponsor’s Name Winner’s Circle.” If the participating sponsor has a tag line or short info to go along with their name rights, then the announcer will mention that periodically through the night’s races. Participating sponsor also receives logo recognition on the television presentation of the races.

The Paddock Show is a live, roaming showcase of all the activities happening at Remington Park each race day. By sponsoring content on the Paddock Show, your message (plus logo) reaches not only everyone within Remington Park but beyond, because the program is simulcast worldwide, along with live racing.

On live racing days, special segments featuring previous training races are played on the Paddock Show to review the performance of different horses. Your logo and ad message will be featured during these Training Race Reviews. Estimated mentions per race night: 8-9

When a race ends with two or more horses at the finish line and a photo finish is needed to determine the winner, the participating sponsor gets mentioned: “It’s a (Your Name) Photo Finish. Please hold all tickets.” The participating sponsor also receives a super-screen logo that goes up every time there is a photo finish.

• Ad with a direct booking link under hotel tab on
• Hotel Website link on
• Ad in Remington Park pocket Calendar
• Link on Groups and Catering proposal templates
• Half-page full-color ad in the Thoroughbred Program

Premier – All benefits of Standard, plus:
• Top Billing on website tool tab
• Inner Rail Signage on the race track visible to guests for the entire year