Multi-Race Wagers

The Multi-Race wagers offered at Remington Park are likely the most challenging but are the most fun. A Multi-Race wager spans over a number of races from two races (Daily Double) all the way to five races (Pick 5).

When you make all your picks for the Multi-Race Wagers, don’t forget to try the Straight Wagers and Exotic Wagers with the horses you like the best.

Daily Double

Bet difficulty: easiest
You must correctly select the winners of two consecutive races. Both selections must win in order for you to collect. Of course, you must place the wager before the first of the two races.

Remington Park has an early Daily Double in races 1 & 2 and a late Daily Double during the last 2 races of the program.

The minimum for a straight Daily Double is a $2.

Pick 3

Bet difficulty: tough
You must correctly select the winners of three consecutive races. All three must win in order for you to collect. Much tougher than the Daily Double but a great wager that offers a great opportunity to score BIG!

Remington Park begins its ‘rolling’ Pick 3 with the Kick Off Pick 3 in the third race each program. A Pick 3 will begin with every race after that until the Last Chance Pick 3, the last three races of the night.

The minimum for the Pick 3 is a $.50-Cent wager.

Primetime Pick 4

Bet difficulty: tougher
You must correctly select the winners of four consecutive races. All four must win in order for you to collect. A challenging wager that has become very popular at Remington Park.

The Remington Park Primetime Pick 4 is normally during the last four races of the program.

The minimum when placing a Primetime Pick 4 is a $.50-Cent wager.

Pick 5

Bet difficulty: toughest
You must correctly select the winners of five consecutive races. All five must win in order for you to collect.

Remington Park begins it’s Pick 5 normally during the first five races of the program during the Thoroughbred Season.

The minimum when placing a Pick 5 is a $.50-cent wager.

Be sure to get your Official Remington Park program, the most important tool you will use at the races. It has the names of horses, official betting numbers and names of jockeys, trainers and owners. Programs provide the current standings and percentages for trainers and jockeys.

Keep an eye out for the picks from the Remington Park expert handicappers every racing night. The television broadcast will provide picks for each of the multi-race wagers from many handicappers.

There are many ways to get a good look at the beautiful athletes at Remington Park. The PADDOCK is where the horses are saddled and the WALKING RING is where the jockeys are given the leg-up into the saddle.

The horses are led through the tunnel out to the racetrack for the POST PARADE where they are paraded in front of the crowd. If you haven’t picked your winner yet, now is a good time!


Come by and see Randy at the Racing Information Center located on the first floor at Remington Park. Learn how to read a program, wager on the horses or even who to bet. Randy is waiting to help you love the sport of horse racing.