The history of horse racing in Oklahoma extends decades prior to the modern era of pari-mutuel activity that began in the early 1980s, and well before the opening of Remington Park in 1988.

The Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame at Remington Park began in 2010, to honor the horses, owners and breeders, trainers, jockeys and industry representatives with a connection to the state who have made a lasting impression on the sport, both in Oklahoma and nationally.

Visiting guests at Remington Park will discover panels, trophy cases, statues and more throughout the facility of those deserving of inclusion into the Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame.


Prior to the 1980s, top jockeys from Oklahoma had to compete for big-money horse racing victories outside the state. Many of the best jockeys in the sport called Oklahoma home before going on to win the richest races in America. Since the start of pari-mutuel racing in Oklahoma, many jockeys have become local legends with long and prominent careers. The Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame at Remington Park honors the best jockeys who became stars, both nationally and locally.
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After continuously working with horses for years, the payback for trainers are the wins and share of purse money their athletes accumulate, making the time and effort worthwhile. The best trainers are able to achieve success at the highest levels of racing, getting the most out of their horses as they compete in big-dollar stakes events, while creating lasting memories. The Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame at Remington Park honors these top trainers for their career accomplishments.
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Owning a team sports franchise requires extreme amounts of money to buy in when the opportunities arise, and then to continually fund the team operation. Ownership of a racehorse can be much more affordable but still requires the constant support for each franchise, or horse, to be maintained for racing. Owners provide the financial backing for the horses, and receive the bulk of the purses their athletes earn. Breeders make each racehorse possible, matching the proper stallions and mares to create future racing stars. The Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame salutes the most successful Owners and Breeders connected to the state.
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Oklahoma has long been connected to great horses in racing, long before the sport became legal on a pari-mutuel basis in the state in the early 1980s. Once legalized, the ability to see the athletic stars of the sport became readily available at racetracks across the state. The Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame at Remington Park recognizes many great horses with ties to the state, from long ago and from a more modern era, who have succeeded at the highest levels, locally and nationally.
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Breeders, Owners, Horses, Trainers and Jockeys comprise the bulk of membership in the Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame at Remington Park. Other inductees come from businesses associated with horse racing, including those involved with the selling of horses and those in the media that help bring the sport to the masses. The Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame at Remington Park honors those people and places who have been involved in the success of horse racing in Oklahoma.
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