EHV-1 Policy and Vesicular Stomatitis Policy for ALL HORSES

ALL HORSES COMING INTO REMINGTON PARK stable area must have a current health certificate issued within 30 days prior to arrival at the track which shows they’ve been vaccinated with an FDA approved modified live or killed virus vaccine for EHV-1, not less than 14 days, and not more than 90 days, prior to the date of entry into the stable gate.

The veterinarian issuing the health certificate must provide the date of the EVH-1 vaccination, brand, serial number,  expiration date of vaccine and temperature for each horse. Current (within the last 12 months) negative Equine Infectious Anemia test information (date and accession number) must be listed for each horse on the certificate. The health certificate must contain a statement by the issuing veterinarian that they have physically examined each horse listed on the certificate within five (5) days of shipment date, and the horses do not exhibit any clinical signs of EVH-1 and/or Vesicular Stomatitis, and the veterinarian has verified with the owner/trainer that the horses have not been exposed to a suspected EVH-1 or Vesicular Stomatitis positive horse or premise within the last 15 days.

Racing Office Directory

Racing Office
Racing Office Fax
Racing Office Extentions
405-424-1000 ext. 3949, 3929, 3930, 3931, 3936
Director of Racing, Tim Williams
Racing Secretary, Mike Acton
ext. 4481
Assistant Racing Secretary, Bine Masters
ext. 3930
Stakes Coordinator, Don Thompson
Ext. 3919
Entry Booths
Ext. 3933, 3934, 3935
Stall Superintendent, Shawn Bergquist
405-425-4090, Ext. 4115, 4117
Clockers (6-10am)
Ext. 3914, 3915
Stable Gate/Security
Ext. 3562
Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission
Ext. 3975, 3976, 3977
OHRC Licensing Office
Ext. 3943

Horsemen's Bookkeeper

Horsemen’s Bookkeeper, Gedda Quiñónez
Horsemen’s Bookkeeper, Tiffany Leggett

Phone: 405-419-4424 • Fax: 405-425-3267

Horsemen’s W-9 Form
Request for U.S. taxpayer identification number and certification

You must first contact the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper to get your Account Number and Pin Number for online access.

Important Phone Numbers

Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association
President: Lake Newcomb
Executive Director: Krissy Bamberg
Remington Park Office Phone 405-427-6146 Edmond Office 405-216-0440 Fax 405-216-0770

American Quarter Horse Association
Racing Department 806-376-4811

Heritage Place, Inc.
General Manager: Spence Kidney
Phone 405-682-4551

Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma
President: David Faulkner
Executive Director: Danielle Barber  Email:
Phone 405-427-8753

Race DVDs

Race DVDs for Winning Owners that are members of the HBPA/OQHRA are provided at no cost and mailed to the address on file.

DVD – $35 (first race) • $25 (each additional race)
Orders are taken for Race DVDs at The Racing Information Center located on the Track Level.
The cost of orders are deducted from your horsemen’s account with the bookkeeper.

Horsemen's Information