Quarter Horse Season Shipping Requirements

COGGINS TEST: In order to enter an Oklahoma racetrack, a horse must have a negative Coggins test conducted within the last twelve (12) months. A copy of the original Coggins may be presented at the Stable Gate for entry to the backside. A negative Coggins (EIA) is required for a horse entering a race and must be the original VS Form 10-11 or an approved electronic version attached to the registration papers and conducted within twelve (12) months of said race. Trainers are responsible foe ensuring that a negative Coggins test is in the Racing Office as required by the State of Oklahoma. Failure to comply, subjects the licensee to disciplinary action.

HEALTH CERTIFICATE: A current health certificate issued within thirty (30) days prior to arrival at the track which shows the vaccination record for each horse. The horse must have been vaccinated with an FDA approved modified live or killed virus vaccine for EVH-1 not less than fourteen (14) days and not more than ninety (90) days prior to date of entry. The veterinarian must provide the date of vaccination, the brand, serial number and the expiration date of the vaccine.

EQUINE PIROPLASMOSIS: All racing Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas entering Remington Park shall have proof of a negative Piroplasmosis test (T.equi) within the pas twelve (12) months.

Racing Office Directory

Remington Park Main Number
Racing Office
Racing Office Fax
Director of Racing, Kelly Cathey
Assistant Racing Secretary
Ext. 4481
Racing Office Extentions
Ext. 3949, 3929, 3931, 3936
Entry Booths
Ext. 3933, 3934, 3935
Stall Superintendent, Shawn Bergquist
Clockers (7-11am)
Ext. 3914, 3915
Stable Gate/Security
Ext. 3562
Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission
Ext. 3975, 3976, 3977
OHRC Licensing Office
Ext. 3943

Horsemen's Bookkeeper

Horsemen’s Bookkeeper, Gedda Quiñónez

Phone: 405-419-4424
Email: horsemensbookkeeper@remingtonpark.com

Horsemen’s W-9 Form
Request for U.S. taxpayer identification number and certification

Foreign Resident/Citizen Horse Owners – W-8BEN Form
ACH Transfers Form
FAQ sheet regarding ACH transfers

Contact the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper to get your Account Number and Pin for online access.

Important Phone Numbers

Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association
Executive Director: Krissy Bamberg
Remington Park Office Phone 405-427-6146
Edmond Office 405-216-0440
Fax 405-216-0770
Hair Testing: 405-881-5120

American Quarter Horse Association
Racing Department 806-376-4811

Heritage Place, Inc.
General Manager: Spence Kidney
Phone 405-682-4551

Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma
Executive Director: Danielle Barber
Email: Dbarber@traoracing.com
Phone 405-427-8753

Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority

Any Thoroughbred horse, beginning on the day of the horse’s official timed workout at a racetrack or training facility (or when entered/nominated to a race) and ending when the horse has been officially retired, is a Covered Horse. Covered Horses must be registered with HISA on or before the date of the first official timed workout (or entry/nomination to a race)
-Horses that are not registered with HISA will not be allowed to race-

All horse shipping from out of state must have a 5-day health certificate. Designated areas within the state, approved by Remington Park, will require a 30 day health certificate.

HISA Helpline: 1-877-513-2919
Remington Park HISA Contact: Leah England, 606-669-3911

Horsemen's Information