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Thoroughbred Season

2021 Thoroughbred Season
August 20-December 19
Wednesdays (beginning September 1), Thursdays (beginning September 2), Fridays and Saturdays beginning at 7:07pm

Special Race Days and Post Times
Oklahoma Derby Day-Sunday, September 26 • First Race 3pm
Oklahoma Classics Day-Friday, October 15 • First Race 7:07pm
Breeders’ Cup Day-Saturday, November 6 • First Race TBA
Mondays & Tuesdays • First Race TBA
Springboard Mile Day-Sunday, December 19 • First Race 3pm

Live Stream and Race Replays
Remington Park, in conjunction with RTN, is proud to present live race streaming and race replays, in HD format. This service has been made possible by RTN, the racing stream and replay library provider for Remington Park. Remington Park HD Streaming is available for a $5 fee per month.
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Remington Park race replays, in HD, will be available for viewing after each live racing program has concluded.

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