Pat Steinberg

Career: 1961-1993

Year Inducted: 2011

Pat Steinberg dominated the Remington Park jockey colony in the track’s first five years, winning nine consecutive riding titles and 722 races, 52 of them in stakes events. Among the bigger wins was his triumph in the 1991 Oklahoma Derby aboard Queen’s Gray Bee.

Steinberg was often praised as the best jockey at Remington Park, not for his ability to rack up wins in stakes races and riding titles for seasons, rather for his ability to get the most of his mounts in all races. He would utilize his time warming up his horses before races, routinely searching for the path in the racetrack that seemed to have the best footing. This could allow his mounts the most opportunity for success if the acquired knowledge could be utilized during the race.

After wrapping up his ninth title in the 1993 spring season, Steinberg packed his tack and traveled north for his summer riding destination. On Tuesday, May 4, 1993, two days after ending another successful Remington Park season, Steinberg died in an automobile accident, on his way to Ak-Sar-Ben racetrack in Omaha, Neb.

At the time of his death, Steinberg was Remington’s all-time leader in jockey victories. He would hold that distinction until passed by Don Pettinger in 1995. Other Remington Park records Steinberg held included: most wins in a season, 92; all-time mount earnings, $6,569,652 and stakes wins, 52. His stakes wins still rank him fourth all-time as of 2011.

During a 16-year career as a jockey, Steinberg amassed 2,205 wins and total mount earnings of $15,656,979.

A life-sized bronze statue of Steinberg has stood over Remington Park’s Paddock Gardens since December 1993. At the base of the statue is this inscription…

“A champion among horsemen and fans, Pat Steinberg leaves a legacy to be remembered by all who visit Remington Park. For it was here that he rode to glory.”

Steinberg is honored to this day as the leading jockey for every Remington Park Thoroughbred Season wins the Pat Steinberg Award for their achievement.

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