Extreme Racing

Where can I find a map of the event and activities on Sunday?
An event map with the location of all Extreme Racing festivities will be available throughout Remington Park. You can download the event maps at this link.

How much does it cost to attend Extreme Racing?
Admission is FREE to enter.

What are the estimated times for the races?
The estimated times for races on the racetrack are:
– Turtles 3pm & 3:20pm
– First live horse race 4pm
– Clydesdales after race #1 (approx. 4:10pm)
– Zebras after race #2 (approx. 4:55pm)
– Turtles after race #3 (approx. 5:40pm)
– Ostriches after race #4 (approx. 6:25pm)
– Camels after race #6 (approx. 7:40pm)

What items are allowed to be brought into the Extreme Racing event at Remington Park?
While certain items are prohibited, attendees are typically allowed to bring items such as:
– Small bags or purses (subject to search by security)
– Sunscreen and personal care items
– Binoculars
– Cameras and smartphones for personal use
– Folding chairs or blankets for seating in designated areas
It’s always a good idea to contact the Remington Park directly for any updated information regarding a question on allowed items.

What items are prohibited from being brought into the Extreme Racing event at Remington Park?
For the safety and enjoyment of all attendees, certain items may be prohibited from being brought into the venue. Prohibited items typically include outside food and beverages, weapons, illegal substances, and any other items deemed dangerous or disruptive by event organizers. Additionally, please adhere to any specific guidelines or restrictions provided by Remington Park security personnel.

Is there parking available at Remington Park for Extreme Racing?
Free parking is available on-site at Remington Park. There are designated parking areas for attendees. Please follow signage and staff instructions for parking.

Is handicap parking available?
Handicap parking is available on the north side of the facility.

Do you have a courtesy shuttle?
A courtesy shuttle will be available on Extreme Race Day.

Is there indoor seating (not in a restaurant)?
There is free stadium style seating overlooking the racetrack on Clubhouse/Racing level.

Where are the restroom facilities located at Remington Park during Extreme Racing?
Restroom facilities are located at the North and South ends of each level, as well as the festival area on Plaza North. Please refer to event maps or ask staff members for directions to the nearest restroom facilities.

What activities will be available for children?
Children will be able to get up close to view the Ostriches, Zebras and Camels. Miniature horses will be on display, as well as Clydesdale Horses. Pig racing and turtle racing will take place on Plaza North. Face painting will be available at charity booths on Track North.

What dining options are available at Remington Park during the Extreme Racing event?
Remington Park offers a variety of dining options. There are multiple food venues and concession stands throughout Remington Park serving a diverse selection of food and beverages. There is something to satisfy every craving.

What other food options will be available on this day?
A variety of food trucks will be on property on Extreme Race Day.

Where are the ATMs located?
ATMs are conveniently located throughout the building. Look for designated areas near the main entrances.
ATM Locations can be found on the map.
(9) on Casino Floor
(1) Track North (Near Mutuel line)
(1) Track South (Near Mutuel line)
(1) Clubhouse (Near Mutuel line)
(1) Suites Level

Will there be merchandise available for purchase at the Extreme Racing?
Extreme Race T-shirts will be available – they are limited and will be located for sale at a small tent on the plaza north, near the waterfall.

What other types of merchandise will be available for purchase beside Extreme Racing T-shirts?
Remington Park’s retail location (Indulgence) is located on Track North under the escalators. Merchandise at Indulgence typically includes Remington Park branded clothing and souvenirs, brands such as; Brumate, Versus, Montana Silversmiths, and Myra, various drinks and snacks including Dippin’ Dots, and tobacco options.
There will also be various vendors throughout Remington Park on Extreme Race Day throughout the building

Is there a hashtag or social media accounts associated with the Extreme Racing event at Remington Park?
Stay updated and engage with other attendees, use the event’s official hashtag #BestBetYet on social media platforms such as X, Facebook, and Instagram. Additionally, Remington Park may have official social media accounts where they post updates and information about the event.

Can you wager on the Exotic/Extreme Animals?
Patrons cannot wager on the exotic/extreme animals.

Will the races continue if rain is forecasted?
We are equipped to handle rainy weather, and should it be forecasted, the event will be planned accordingly to ensure seamless management of the weather conditions.